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Donkey wood is commonly used in fire driven donkey hot water boilers, wood stoves, pizza overs and industrial furnaces. All these uses require a hard long burning wood to maintain high heat and long lasting hot coals to improve running costs and efficiency. These dense hard woods mainly found in the dryer regions of South Africa offer a natural low moister content from 0% to 10 % compared to the softer woods found in the cities which range from 15% to 40%.

All our wood is sourced, bagged and collected deep in the wildest parts of the Limpopo province nearing the borders of Botswana. Our truck runs this route 2 to 3 times per week ensuring a steady flow of extremely high quality and hard firewood for all our clients who know how to really enjoy a good old fashion farmers fire.

We are located in Benoni, Johannesburg, but our services are by no means limited to this area.  We deliver to most parts in Gauteng stocking many homes and businesses that appreciate quality products understanding the value for money.

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Johannesburg Fireplace & Braai Woods

Harde Hout Fire Place wood (Kameldooring Types)

Hardwood are the most economical wood for indoor fireplaces, wood stoves and pizza ovens. Kameerldoring is a natural extremely dry and heavy wood which is why it takes longer to burn at a high temperature. With enough heat, it creates almost no smoke, has a natural fragrance, creates long lasting hot burning coals and wastes no energy burning off moisture and much cheaper to run than gas.

R1 850.00 per 100 bags - 1 cubic metre delivered in most Gauteng area

Black Wattle Braai and Campfire Wood

Black wattle is an alien invasive plant thus encouraged to be used and cut down, making it eco friendly firewood. Thick pieces of wattle are great for braai’s and outdoor camping or bond fires. Black wattle is also excellent wood for pizza ovens, potjies and fireplaces but the moister content can be high if it has not dried for a week or two. Because it is a fast burning wood it is not as economical to burn in fire places, ovens or stoves compared to hard woods or gas.

R1 550.00 per 100 bags - 1 cubic metre delivered in most Gauteng area600

Blue Gum and Pine - Campfire Wood

Unlike the black Wattle and Kameldooring wood types, blue gum does not burn for as long as the other hard wood, although it is known to burn high and very hot. Although it is certainly not economical to use in a fireplace, oven or wood stove when looking for long lasting heat and energy, blue gum is also great for braai’s, potjies and outdoor camping or bond fires. It also contains a high moister rate thus needs to dry for a few weeks after splitting before use.

R1400.00 per 100 bags - 1 cubic metre delivered in most Gauteng area

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We have been operating outdoor camps and transport services for over 25 years.

With our constant travelling to remote parts of Southern Africa managing outdoor events from car rallies to hunting camps, we have always had a request from friends, family and clients to bring them some good firewood their home use and many for business. What started as a favors loading a stack off exotic hard woods on the back of the truck drove us into daily single loads gathered woods  selected for us by all awesome farmers we have developed relationships with along the way.

Our team is very proud and loyal to our business and also strive to provide you with the best quality product and service in appreciation for your support.


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