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Menu planning

Breakfast combinations

Cooking & dining facilities

“Depending on where you camping, sometimes there are no restaurants nearby and a simple breakfast and dinner is required. With our mobile kitchen we happy to cater for you”

Dining tent

Joining two 5m x 10m marques makes the perfect dining and serving area for your guests. The tent is also fitted with lanterns and solar lights giving it a real rustic and cosy mood enhancing the outdoors experience. The marque is a great place to socialise after dinner, especially on occasions when the weather is not on our side. We also provide a safe camp fire area to enjoy a few night camps in the evening.  

Seats up to 60 people comfortably

Catering an serving area

Breakfast and dinners are presented in a buffet self serving system. We provide bowls for cereals, food warmer trays, filter coffee machine, juice & milk jugs and hot water dispenser making it easy to serve your guests each day. Our serving staff are always available to assist with special requirements.

Buffet style self serving area

Kitchen facilities

Rush Adventures crew are trained and efficient when it comes to preparing meals. If you do not want to hire a catering company for you meals we are happy to provide your guests with meals suitable for your group from our menu. The kitchen tent is erected behind the main marque which is fully equipped with gas stoves and cooking utensils catering for large groups.

Professional and trained chefs

Dinning equipment

We provide camping canteen tables with comfortable chairs seating up to 6 people per table. All tables are fitted with table cloths and overlays. Each table includes side plates, place mats and cutlery laid for each seat. Keeping it rustic, we supply high quality stainless camping plates and cups for all dinners drinks.

Tables and chairs layout

Hash browns
Coffee& Tea

Easy Dinner menu

Spaghetti bolognese
Cottage pie
Chicken stir fry
Beef stir fry
Beef casserole
Bangers & mash
Lamb curry & rice
Beef curry & rice
Fish & Chips
Burger & Chips
Steak egg & chips
Greek or French Salad
This is an affordable menu plan, we will be
Happy to quote for alternative meals.

We also cater for vegetarian and other medical
Dietary requirements.
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